Privacy Statement

Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc Privacy Statement

Southern Cross Care is committed, in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2013, the National Privacy Principles under that Act, to protect the personal information and health information it collects, holds and uses.

Collection of Personal and Health Information

Personal and health information is collected, where necessary, to process applications and to plan for and facilitate care and service delivery to residents and clients. Some personal information concerning residents, clients and their family members is used to assess the level and type of care appropriate to the resident’s/ client’s needs and to assist with claims for funding entitlement.

We may also collect personal information about other persons, such as volunteers

Use and Disclosure

Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc.may at times disclose personal and health information where deemed necessary to provide services and to plan for service delivery. This may involve disclosure to other care providers and contractors. We may also disclose this information to the Commonwealth Government or its agencies, in accordance with the provisions of the Aged Care Act or other relevant law. Wherever practical, we ensure that any third party to whom any personal or health information is disclosed is aware of our obligations under the Privacy Act and that they agree to be bound by these obligations.

Protection of Information

Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc. has security measures in place and all personnel who handle personal and health information have a duty to protect it from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. When information is no longer required to be held it is destroyed appropriately.

Accuracy of Information, Access and Correction

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that personal and health information held by Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc. is accurate and up-to-date. On request, subject to the exceptions set out in the National Privacy Principles, an individual will be provided with access to personal or health information held about them and given reasonable opportunity to correct any inaccuracies or out-of-date information. A request for access can be made to Southern Cross Care (Tas.) Inc via the details below. A fee may be charged to cover the cost of processing a request for access. Under no circumstances will Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc. sell or receive payments for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

All staff are required to respect other people’s privacy.

Where possible, permission is sought from a resident or client prior to entering their room or home.

Website Privacy

When you visit this website the web server will automatically collect limited information essential for the operation and security of this website. Depending on the standards followed by your internet provider some information, such as your IP address, may be identified. Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc. will not use this information for purposes other than as identified in this policy. If you are concerned about the potential of this information being revealed to this Organisation we recommend that you discuss with your internet provider.

Links to other websites

We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites that we provide a link to. We recommend that you research their policy in regard to the protection you will be provided.

Privacy Complaints

Any concerns regarding the privacy policies and practices of Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc. or requests for access to personal or health information should be addressed to:Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc.

PO Box 815
Moonah 7009
Phone: (03) 6214 9717