Montessori and quality of life for our residents living with dementia

Southern Cross Care Tasmania is the first aged care provider in Tasmania to introduce Montessori method of care to residents.

Montessori for dementia and cognitive impairment, focuses on supporting both the person and the environment, which is adapted to support memory loss and independence.

Montessori environments help people re-learn skills associated with daily activities such as gardening, getting ready to go out and setting a table for dinner. Staff trained in Montessori methods breakdown the tasks and together with memory cues and repetition, people are enabled to function at their highest level.

We understand we cannot change the often-devastating effects of memory loss, but by embracing Montessori principals we can make a positive change for our residents living with dementia.

Southern Cross Care Tasmania is working closely with Anne Kelly, Director of Montessori Consulting in Australia. 

Through the Montessori method, people living with dementia can make meaningful contributions to their community and engage in meaningful activities. It has been a privilege to work with the team at Southern Cross Care who have really embraced this program to the benefit of those who need this help the most.

Recently Southern Cross Care has successfully implemented the renowned Montessori method of care to its Rivulet and Fairway Rise aged care facilities in Southern Tasmania. 

Quotes from care staff at Fairway Rise speak volumes of the success of this wonderful and supportive environment.

“The changes in their (residents living with dementia) behaviours are positive and beautiful to observe.”

“It is heart-warming to see residents receiving the Montessori model of care with so much happiness and satisfaction on their faces.”

Yaraandoo in the state’s Northwest is currently undergoing training and will be the third Southern Cross Care facility to embrace the Montessori care principle.

Download our Montessori handbook