On 29 May 2024, ABC Radio Morning Show was broadcast from Fairway Rise Lifestyle Village, operated by Southern Cross Care. Leon Compton hosted the radio show from 8:30am – 11:00am, spending the time taking a comprehensive look at the benefits and challenges of retirement living, The discussions highlighting the supportive community and active lifestyle available at Fairway Rise were interspersed with entertainment from the ukulele group and singing from 2 choirs.

Leon spoke to several residents, including Bev, who shared her experience of moving to the retirement village. Bev advised others not to delay making the move to a retirement village, emphasizing the benefits of joining such a community early.

Jenny, who lives with her Lions hearing dog Ziggy explained that the decision to move was due to the difficulty of managing their previous home’s steep access. Another resident, Julie, highlighted the social benefits of living in a retirement village, mentioning regular happy hours and community activities shared with Fairway Rise and the nearby Spring Haven.

Resident Mike described his active involvement in various committees and activities, such as gardening and playing indoor bowls. Terry, the chair of the Fairway Rise residents committee, shared insights on managing the village and the importance of community support during difficult times.

Esteban Cox, CEO of Southern Cross Care, talked about the integrated model of retirement living and residential aged care. He projected growth in this sector, particularly in Tasmania, and stressed the importance of providing a safe environment and quality care. He also mentioned the challenges in staffing, particularly in sourcing nurses.

The discussion touched on the challenges of downsizing and moving, with residents agreeing that it’s better to make the move earlier rather than later. They emphasized the support and community spirit that make the transition easier.

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