To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Executive team wishes to acknowledge and thank the women of Southern Cross Care Tasmania for your valued contribution to the organisation.

When Southern Cross Care Tasmania was founded 1972, it was two years before women were awarded the right to equal pay. And it took another 23 years for Tasmania to enact the Sex Discrimination Act in 1995.

Today, when women are still often under-represented in leadership roles and over-represented in lower-level roles, we can be very proud of our workforce composition at Southern Cross Care Tasmania. The recently published Gender Equality Report identifies that 81.6% of people in management roles are female, and 77.5% of the non-management workforce is female. Most remarkably, 100% of our Board of Directors are women.

CEO Esteban Cox said, “It is a privilege to work with talented people. Throughout my career I have worked with teams where the majority are women, and I am a father of four daughters. I know it takes courage to be true to your own beliefs, and to raise your voice to be heard. I truly believe that women are an inspiration in a world that struggles to find gender equality.”

International Women’s Day is about taking time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and continuing to strive for a future that is free from discrimination, where difference is valued and celebrated.