Mary’s Grange

To the residents, families, loved ones and team members of Mary’s Grange,

One of the most important aspects of delivering high quality, individually tailored care is the environment it is delivered in. Recognising this, we have been working on a plan to provide Mary’s Grange residents with a home that better reflects the high quality clinical and personal care delivered by our Mary’s Grange team on-site.

We understand this news may cause concern and distress for some of our Mary’s Grange residents, families, and team members. We want to reassure you that our focus is on nothing but the continuity of high quality care and service delivery, and working in partnership with and supporting all our Mary’s Grange residents and staff during this transitional period. Please rest assured that there will be no job losses due to the closure of the facility. We also want to reassure all residents that there will be no changes to any fees, or changes to any care services or provisions unless it is requested.

To explain the transition process further, please see below my video message to the residents, families and staff of Mary’s Grange.

Frequently Asked Questions about the closure of Mary’s Grange, what happens next, and what this means for residents and staff.

What is happening?
The decision has been made to close the Mary’s Grange home, this decision has been made as the building itself has come to the end of its life cycle. While it has provided a safe and caring home for many over the years, Mary’s Grange no longer meets best practice in regards to providing a high-quality living environment.

What happens next?
The closure of Mary’s Grange will be phased over the coming months. There’s no deadline to the closure to ensure all residents have their first choice of home to move to. What will be happening over the coming days, weeks and months is information sessions and tours of all our homes for residents and family. There will be group sessions, and one-on-one sessions available for everyone who wishes to participate. Tours of other facilities will also be commencing on November 10. For more details on information sessions, meetings and the tours please phone Mary’s Grange on 03 6227 7000.

Will there be any changes to fees and services?
There will be no changes to accommodation fees and services.

Will I need to sign a new residential agreement?
No, you will not have to sign a new residential agreement. Your agreement will be transferred to your new home if you decide to stay with Southern Cross Care.

What if I want to change to another aged care provider?
While we would of course prefer you to stay with Southern Cross Care, if residents would like to change aged care providers we will support and assist you in any way we can throughout your move.

What will happen to Mary’s Grange staff?
All staff at Mary’s Grange will, like all of the residents, get to move to their choice of Southern Cross Care facility. All of their current working hours, contracts and rosters will be maintained.

What is happening to Mary’s Grange?
The building itself will be decommissioned and redeveloped. Plans for the site have not been confirmed yet, but the site will remain with Southern Cross Care Tasmania and will not be sold.

Who can I speak to for independent support if I am feeling apprehensive, scared or anxious about the move?
Pastoral Care will be available on site to talk to. Free counseling services are also offered through the Richmond Fellowship, please speak to Facility Manager, Camm Mochrie for a referral.

Who can residents and family speak to about the closure and move?
Please contact Mary’s Grange Facility Manager, Camm Mochrie
P. 03 6227 7000