we are sorry…

The Board and management of Southern Cross Care Tasmania deeply apologises to past and current staff who may have been underpaid their overtime due to outdated payroll and rostering systems.

Wage underpayments are unacceptable in any organisation and we are sorry it has happened here.

Southern Cross Care Tasmania takes this issue very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring all our past and current employees are paid their correct overtime amounts.

KPMG is currently reviewing our payroll and rostering data to determine the extent of the problem. That review will be complete in early 2022.

Our focus now is on making sure we complete this reconciliation thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

Once the report is received by KMPG we will immediately begin the remediation process and reach out to those individuals affected to ensure they are paid correctly, with interest.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email solutions@scctas.org.au