Meet Rangu Muthu

Welcome back to our Meet the Team articles. Helping you get to know the wonderful staff at Southern Cross Care Tasmania.

Rangu, originally a teacher in India, moved to Australia with her son and husband for her husband’s studies. When she first arrived in Australia she considered a career in childcare here, however due to English being her second language, instead opted for aged care after some friends suggested this as a suitable career pathway.

Although she came into her care role without experience, Rangu found the Southern Cross Care staff very helpful.

Starting at Guilford Young Grove in 2009, Rangu now has over ten years’ experience as a carer under her belt and is very happy.

She says she has learned a lot about working in aged care, as well as the Australian culture (which she loves) and the English language.

She is eager to advance her career, and after her husband and son complete their studies, is planning to pursue further study herself. She is considering physiotherapy, nursing or dementia studies.

Her favourite part about working in aged care is being able to care for people, and, as her parents are in India, that she is able to care for other people’s parents and grandparents.