Meet Marilyn Ransley

Welcome back to our Meet the Resident articles. Introducing you to some of the wonderful residents who live in our homes across Tasmania, and sharing their stories.

Marilyn is one of eight daughters, and lived most of her life in Wynyard on a big farm. When asked what they had on the farm, Marilyn replied “you name it, we had it”. Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys – “the lot”. They also had orchard trees with plenty of fruit, including apricots, nectarines and apples, plus gooseberries, and loganberries. (Although Marilyn is diabetic and doesn’t get many sweet treats, she still enjoys fruit, and especially loves blueberries and gooseberries.) Marilyn has fond memories of feeding the cattle and pigs on the farm, and of their open fire outside where they used to cook potatoes.

Marilyn first lived in Yaraandoo for six years, but moved to Glenara Lakes as one of her lovely sisters lives down the road and comes in frequently to visit and take her out.

Marilyn also likes to knit with the residents’ knitting group. She likes doing puzzles, and completes a “find the word” puzzle every night before she goes to bed (which sometimes keeps her up late!).