National Advance Care Planning Week

National Advance Care Planning Week is this week, March 22 – 26 2021.

National Advance Care Planning Week is an annual initiative by Advance Care Planning Australia that encourages all Australians, regardless of their age or health status, to make their future health care preferences known.

The initiative challenges people to discuss what living well means to them and to consider who they would want to speak for them, if they were too sick to speak for themselves. It encourages all Australians to plan ahead, enabling them to make the best choices for their life and health care based on their personal values, preferences and beliefs.

An advance care directive can empower and prepare individuals, their loved ones, carers and healthcare professionals for important healthcare decisions in the future. This approach reduces anxiety and improves outcomes for all involved.

Visit the Advance Care Planning Australia website to see what community-run events are being held in Tasmania to start the conversation and plan ahead.