Meet Patricia Burgess

Welcome back to our Meet the Resident articles. Introducing you to some of the wonderful residents who live in our homes across Tasmania, and sharing their stories.

Patricia moved to Hobart with her family from Queenstown (where she was born) when she was 11 years old. She started school at St Mary’s College at age 12, and went on to join a government secretarial training scheme.

Patricia was fortunate enough to get a job at the Tax Office straight after completing her training, settling into the typing pool there. She found the work enjoyable, saying it was ‘all fun; paid to work and paid to learn too!’

Patricia married in 1957, and now has seven grandchildren (plus two step-grandchildren) and four great-grandchildren. Patricia’s family helped her set up her room in Rosary Gardens, and it is very homely. There is a lounge area which is the perfect spot to share a drink with visitors. And Patricia is quite the host! She has a full barista-style setup in her room, complete with a coffee machine she brought with her into Rosary Gardens and a bar fridge.

Patricia says the carers at Rosary Gardens are “really great”, and that it’s a “really easy-going place”. She enjoys the games, puzzles and other activities at the home, and especially loves to play Bingo once a week.