Meet Danny Gunn

Welcome back to our Meet the Resident articles. Introducing you to some of the wonderful residents who live in our homes across Tasmania, and sharing their stories.

Not content to become a King Island farmer like his father before him, Danny Gunn has always harboured a love of the ocean. He longed to travel the seas, and at age 15 his wish was granted when he was accepted into a Navigation school in Southampton, England.

On his first trip across the oceans, he was booked on a working ship and assigned a Junior Officers cabin. Danny quickly fell into the daily life of the apprentices around him. He didn’t shy away from hard work and became accustomed to the everyday slog that lasted the journey to England. Danny completed school and reached his dream of becoming part of the maritime world.

After he meet and married his ‘beautiful Welsh girl’ they had three children. Danny’s wife then encouraged him to take on a new project; the build of a 34-foot boat. This boat would then go on to become the family’s home as the children grew and the family adventured across the world.

Danny says he quite happily ended up back in North West Tasmania and calling Yaraandoo home. And of course, he has his binoculars on hand to keep an eye on the ocean.