International Flower Day

Today we celebrate International Flower Day.

International Flower Day is celebrated on January 19 each year. It is an initiative to help spread the notions of respect, appreciation, acceptance and gratitude, while we connect with the people in our everyday lives.

It is a day to pause and reflect on the connections we have with family, friends and strangers alike, and to take a moment to be appreciative of the smaller “everyday” things we have. It is a day to be grateful for the people in our lives, and, if you can, to express it with a simple flower and expression of thanks.

International Flower Day is recognised across Australia and the globe. But did you know that International Flower Day actually began in Hobart? In 2013, a father and daughter duo came on holiday to Tasmania. They were strolling through Salamanca Market when they were stopped in their tracks by a stranger who gifted them a simple bunch of daisies. This small gesture brought them so much joy, and so the idea was borne…