Meet Irene Martin

Welcome back to our Meet the Resident articles. Introducing you to some of the wonderful residents who live in our homes across Tasmania, and sharing their stories.

“Buddy” the bird may be a relatively new addition to Irene Martin’s life, but with his gorgeous yellow feathers, he’s certainly right at home amongst her lovely little garden and array of paintings. Irene loves to decorate “her place”, and it truly is something special.

Her garden has been grown mainly from cuttings, and she has even planted some beautiful geraniums to brighten up the pathways for visitors. The garden area definitely brings a lot of joy, not only to Irene but to residents and staff alike, who never say no to cuttings. Irene says that she may have too many hobbies, but it’s clear that she likes a challenge and to put a smile on people’s faces. Irene has also been a painter for all of her life. She finds great joy in creating her artworks, and many are themed after her love of the wilderness. She can’t wait for bus trips to resume so she can get back out and into nature.

For now though, she’s enjoying heading to the beach and along the Sandy Bay waterfront in her mobility chair.

‘It’s a friendly place where everyone greets you. I can’t believe my luck!’