A story from International Migrants Day

In celebration of International Migrants Day last Friday, December 18, we wanted to share Carol Medina’s story.

Carol is a Registered Nurse at Guilford Young Grove Aged Care Home. She and her family moved to Australia from the Philippines in 2010. Carol began her career with Southern Cross Care in February 2017 through the 475 Working Visa, sponsored by SCC.

In September this year, Carol shared the very happy news that her sponsorship Visa had been approved, and that she and her family were now permanent residents of Australia.

“SCC assisted me very well throughout the process of my Visa including my dependents. I worked with them for more than 3 years and they finally sponsored us again through the 187 Visa until we got our permanent Visa. SCC had their migration agent and they paid for the processing and training fee. We are very grateful for SCC”s full support in my career all throughout our permanency.”

“We would be forever grateful to the management and to the whole SCC family.”