Meet Shaira Khan

Welcome back to our Meet the Team articles. Helping you get to know the wonderful staff at Southern Cross Care Tasmania.

From nursing in Nepal to studying in Sydney, the last few years have been quite the journey for Shaira Khan.

She has recently gained a Master’s degree from the University of Woolongong and also completed a bridging course to move from International nursing. It’s certainly been a long road to being a qualified nurse in Australia, but it only makes her feel more proud of what she’s achieved.

Having joined the Ainslie team in January, Shaira is still acclimatising to the cooler weather in Tasmania but enjoys being away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.  Although not a fan of the cold herself, her family doesn’t mind it at all, and even she concedes that it’s worth it to have the beach nearby and water views from her home.

Shaira credits the team at Ainslie and the support they provide, for the love she has for her job. The balance of providing care and empathy, along with clinical care, is something she feels strongly about.

She wants to continue learning and gaining confidence as a Registered Nurse over the next few years, but isn’t ready to stop looking into the future. Shaira has a keen interest in midwifery. Though the next set of goalposts may be a few years away, we’re sure that Shaira’s determination will get her there.