Meet George Reid

Welcome to our Meet the Resident articles. Introducing you to some of the wonderful residents who live in our homes across Tasmania, and sharing their stories.

George Reid originally hails from Glasgow, Scotland. After moving to Australia as a teen, he spent his early working life as a caterer on many different islands. He started out as an apprentice and worked his way up to Executive Chef, then joined the Salvation Army as a Christian Minister.

George says he used this time in the Christian Ministry to develop his poetry. George has written many poems across the years and is even a published author. One of his favourite pieces of work is the poem he wrote for his wife Barbara, in the lead up to their 30th wedding anniversary. A bit of a romantic, George credits their successful marriage to being proper kindred spirits and their ability to relate to each other.

He’s even written some poetry for the staff at Ainslie to praise them for their efforts during the pandemic.

‘The staff here have done a wonderful job, they’ve bought us through this thing alive and well, and that deserves recognition.’